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Course material for ID5059 Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, Semester 2 of 2012-13. The coursework was co-developed with Carl Donovan.

Lecture notes



The Elements of Statistical Learning by Hastie, Tibshirani & Friedman is available from Stanford University. There are other useful resources at the same location, including sample R files.

The Titanic tutorial material is available as a zip file.

R and Data Mining: Examples and Case Studies by Yanchang Zhao. This is the PDF of a textbook containing many worked examples (in R) together with detailed explanations of the theory and the the technicalities involved.

R material for non-geeks is available from the University of California at Davis.

As this appears not to be in the old examp paper repository, I've made available the 2010-20 MT5759 exam. Warning! Both the structure and content are likely to change this year; this document gives you some insight into the type of question set for Maths masters students.